Since a while my thoughts were running around a special fact.


How i get orders ?

Acquise & Customer Route App can help you.


Acquis & Customer Route is employed by sales staff for sales staff in sales, consulting and service.

You have an appointment with a customer?

Then take the customers who are close.

You are in the traffic jam and want to take the side street?

Just drive to a customer who passes this route.

An appointment has lasted longer and you have the order?

Congratulations, take the closest, the biggest or the customers homeway.

The navigation system indicates a traffic jam in the city center?

Then select a customer outside.

Do you have addresses from the industry book which are not yet customers?

Paste into your ExcelTable as csv file save, import and lets go.

An appointment was finished earlier?

Time for cold acquise.


The customers in the area are displayed.

You choose a customer from the list,

You confirm the route on Google Maps and

Google Maps describes you the way.

You must drive yourself.

This address services are available on mobile devices. Do not use these services in any way that can distract you and prevent compliance with traffic regulations or safety regulations.


For info:

Your data and addresses are only stored on your device.

We do not have access to it.

Therefore keep your csv file well.


Necessary permissions:


Current location is necessary.

Change, deleted and read USB contents.

Your addresses will be stored, read or deleted from you on your device.


We are pleased to announce that you will be redirected to google maps during the app. We therefore see ourselves obliged to inform you if you have not already approved these google terms. You agree to access the googlemaps and google earth's google terms and conditions.

By accessing Google Maps / Google Earth or by using or downloading this content, you agree to:


The Google Terms of Service ("General Conditions"),

These additional terms and conditions for Google Maps / Google Earth ("Additional Terms of Use for Google Maps / Google Earth"),

The legal notices for Google Maps / Google Earth ("Legal Notice"), as well as

Of Google's Privacy Policy ("Data Protection").

It also explains the duties involved in using Google Maps / Google Earth while driving.


Lots greetings

Patrick Pietzsch